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Notion Job Hunt

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Notion Job Hunting

Use Notion powerful database system to manage your job search

After successfully using a Notion system to land a job I shouldn’t have been able to, I realised that Notion is pretty damn good for tracking and managing your job search. This is an upgraded version of the template I’ve used, hopefully, it will help you as much as it did for me.

Explanatory video


  • Manage all your job offers easily
  • Know what to work on, and what you’ve been working on
  • Be fully ready for interviews and send the best messages
  • Get extremely efficient with your job search

Who is it for?

  • Anyone planning on searching for a job
  • Anyone already in a job search process who wants to be able to track their search better and get results


Send me a message at @ThbLucas on Twitter 🐦


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💻 Job search database - keep track of all your job offers
✅ Relational to-do database - know the most important task to work on
📝 Resources database - prepare interview, and message drafts in a relational database
🔖 Contacts database - store your job search contact information
📜 Dashboard - view all your important information

Notion Job Hunt

0 ratings
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