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Wisdom Shelf Notion Template

Lucas Theberge
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Wisdom Shelf

Store, take notes, and learn from all of your books, articles, videos, podcasts and much more.

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  • Keep track of all of the books and podcasts you’ve read and want to read with the Reading List 2.0 database 📚
  • Extract the most important information from your books and apply them to your life with the Book Notes Templates 📝
  • Learn anything online with the Knowledge Centre database 🧠
  • Store your articles, eBooks, videos, courses and take notes in the Knowledge Centre database to be able to learn anything 💭
  • Make connections between your different entries to build topic-centred knowledge ⚡

Who is it for

  • Lifelong learners looking for a way to store their learnings
  • Avid book readers who want to track their readings
  • Self-learners who want a holistic learning system
  • Anyone looking to connect the dots of their day-to-day learnings


Please send me a message at @ThbLucas on Twitter 🐦

Also please consider the material (books, podcasts, articles, etc.) is personal and the template will not contain all of my personal notes 😄

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📖 Reading list 2.0 database to store your books’, podcasts’ information and notes
✍️ Book Note Templates to make the most out of your readings
👨‍🏫 Knowledge Centre database to learn anything online
🔗 Properties to link your learnings and create topic-based knowledge


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Wisdom Shelf Notion Template

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